Rehab of City Streets

Manoa trees

Project: Rehabilitation of Streets, Arborist Services FY08
Client: City and County of Honolulu
Contract Amount: $150,000
Description: Evaluating street trees prior to road rehabilitation in Manoa and Pearl City and on Beretania Street.




Root pruning prior to construction

Project: Wahiawa Transit Center
Client: City and County of Honolulu
Contract Amount: $24,000
Description: Providing a tree assessment report during project design, preparing a tree protection plan and specifications, and monitoring during construction





Milo trees behind Kamehameha tomb after pruning

Project: Mauna ‘Ala (Royal Mausoleum)
Arborist Services
Client: Hawai‘i Maoli
Contract Amount (combined total of several smaller contracts and hourly work):  $40,000
Description: Performing tree and palm risk assessments, preparing pruning and removal specifications and scope of work, providing bidding services and contract preparation, monitoring tree work, tree protection plan, design support services, monitoring during construction


Puu Alii

Puu Alii entry area at Phase 1

Project: Puu Alii Landscape Plan Update
Client: Puu Alii Community Association
Contract Amount: $37,000
Description: Conducting a field verification matching existing trees and palms to the original landscape plans, measuring tree and palm heights for existing trees, providing photo documentation of existing landscape conditions for an approximately 50 acre site, proposing removal of existing trees that are in inapt or poor condition, preparing an Arborist Report including photo documentation and proposed replacement trees, and coordinating with the Board and Landscape Committee, The Outdoor Circle, and the City Department of Planning and Permitting



Project: Lyon Arboretum Albizia Tree Removal Phs. 1 and 2
Client: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Contract Amount (2 contracts): $42,500
Description: Preparing design drawings, providing bid services, and monitoring tree removal work for 25 Albizia trees up to 200 ft tall and 11 ft diameter. About half of the trees were growing over rare and endangered plant species.  For more information and photos, please click here to view the project poster.

DFR 1 Lyon Arboretum Albizias Before shot from Great Lawn


DFR 6 Lyon Arboretum Albizias Ph 2_Panorama1 copy








H-1 Rehab Middle St to Ward_monitoring night pruning Bishop Museum banyan

Project: H-1 Freeway Rehabilitation Middle St to Ward Ave
Client: Hawaii Department of Transportation/Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. (general contractor)
Contract Amount: $24,500
Description: Preparing Tree Protection Plans, monitoring pruning of Bishop Museum banyan over H-1, monitoring trees during construction




Project: Public Education Campaign on Trees 2005
Client: Kaulunani Urban and Community Forestry Program
Grant Amount: $25,000
Description: This was a multifaceted grant which included the following as some of its activities:

  • Writing articles to educate the industry
  • Writing articles to educate the public, targeting multi-family property managers and Boards in particular
  • Donating tree-related publications to Hawaii State Public Library System
  • Donating arboricultural books and scientific journals to the University of Hawaii Library System
  • Purchasing International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) brochures for distribution to the public
  • Writing a new ISA brochure on Palms
  • Providing copies of the book Tree Basics by Dr. Alex L. Shigo to each K-12 public and private school library in Hawaii
  • Developing, printing, and distributing anti-topping bookmarks via botanical gardens to school children
  • Printing and distributing The Outdoor Circle’s Trees of Hawai‘i coloring books to school children